Wash all Zoot apparel using cold water. Always hand wash or use the gentle cycle in your washing machine. Use mild soap and hang dry all Zoot apparel - to extend the life of your product, never use a dryer. To ensure the maximum lifespan of Zoot products never use any product (except the pool specific swimsuits) in a chlorinated pool.


Proper care of your Zoot wetsuit will help ensure year's enjoyment and peak product performance. Rinse your Zoot wetsuit with clean fresh water after every use. Hang dry inside-out. Hand wash with a wetsuit specific soap and be sure to use cold water. Wetsuits should never be laundered in a machine. Never use your wetsuit in a chlorinated pool.


Keeping your footwear clean is key to maximizing their lifespan.

To clean your footwear use cold water and hand wash with a gentle soap. Always air dry and never put footwear in your washer or dryer. Occasionally, minor sole separations will occur on any footwear. These can be easily repaired with shoe glue. Please refer to our warranty section for other concerns.

How long should my shoes last?

Zoot footwear should last between 300 and 500 miles. If you are a heavier runner (harder on your shoes), your shoes will last closer to 300 miles. Racing shoes, like the Ultra TT will last a shorter amount of time. If used only for racing, these shoes should last an entire season. If used for both training and racing their lifespan will be between 200 and 300 miles.
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